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Secure WiFi From Hacked

Before that, so must check first either your WiFi ever hacked from neighbor or not, CLICK HERE!!
Banyak cara untuk menghalang jiran sebelah untuk hacked Wifi di rumah anda, antaranya ialah:-

  1. Hide your SSID
  2. Change WEP to WPA2

Dua cara di atas adalah paling sering digunakan, tapi malangnya masih boleh hacked tp cuma tahap boleh tuh tidak tinggi!!!

That all, any concern lets me know and CLICK HERE to ask me!!
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How To Know Wireless Got Hacked

Many the way to know your wireless have been hacked by someone, maybe that one can help you to know person hack you wireless.

1. First way
  • Go to start > Run > type cmd > on the prompt type arp -a (arp -space- -a)

2.Second way
  • Type at address bar
  • Once you have log in click at WLan status to show list of user that on using your wifi

3 user online using your wifi on that time

  •  Click on Client list to show list of user that ever use your wifi

Have 14 person use you wifi

That all for my tips today, and I will share how to remove them or set your wifi in safe from hacked.

Any concern about it CLICK HERE to asking me
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